Call of Duty Warzone: All Loot-Filled Bunkers Locations & Codes

Call Of Duty Warzone Bunkers | Call of Duty Warzone: All Loot-Filled Bunkers Locations & Codes

You’ll need these codes to open the bunkers in Warzone.

There are six bunkers full of legendary chests in Warzone, and you don’t need a red pass to open them. Getting there early in the game is easy. Surviving long enough to enter the codes is another story.

Each bunker has a keypad where you can enter the following secret codes. Once you enter the code, the bunker’s doors will open (very slowly!). You’ll enjoy a room full of loot, weapons and money to start your game one step ahead of the other players.

The Code Of Bunkers In Warzone

  • Junkyard code – 87624851
  • Kart Racing Track code – 97264138
  • Shack near TV Station – 27495810
  • Farmland Room code – 49285163
  • Prison Shack code – 72948531
  • Styor Spomenik code – 60274513

How To Find Warzone Keypad Bunker Locations

Warzone Bunkers Locations | Call of Duty Warzone: All Loot-Filled Bunkers Locations & Codes
Thanks to HUX3L on Reddit for this map!

You will need to know the entrances to bunkers in Warzone. Here’s how to find them:

Junkyard Bunker Location – Code: 87624851

Northwest of Junkyard, you’ll find three bunkers. Enter the door of the one on the right. Once inside, you will find a large door with a keypad where you can enter the code.

Kart Racing Track Bunker Location – Code: 97264138

Southwest of Junkyard, you will find the bunker. A door, an entrance. Find the keypad inside and enter the code.

Shack Near TV Station Bunker Location – Code: 27495810

East of TV Station you will find a small cabin on the side of the road. Find the keypad and enter the code.

Farmland Room Bunker Location – Code: 49285163

In Farmland, find the biggest barn. Once inside, look under the stairs. You will find a closed door with a keypad where you will have to enter the code.

Prison Shack Bunker Location – Code: 72948531

This bunker is on the west side of the prison. You will find a small cabin. Look for the keypad near the front door and enter the code.

Styor Spomenik Bunker Location – Code: 60274513

Under Tavorsk Park (just above St Spomenik), you will find this bunker on the side of the small hill. At the entrance, you’ll find the bunker door with the keypad where you’ll be able to enter the code.